List of Students

The List of Students Report displays when you select a class on the Gradebook screen and click Show List of Students. The Class Summary Report, Class Timed Writings Report, and the Class Timed Writings Over Time Report are accessed from the List of Students Report.


The List of Students Report displays the names of the students, their e-mail addresses, the GDP10 software version used, and the last upload date for each student. A “New” flag appears next to the names of students who have completed new work since the last time you viewed each student's Portfolio.


Sort the report by clicking header links above each column of the report. When a header link is clicked, a sort order arrow will display next to the header. If the arrow on the sort button is pointing up, the report is sorted in ascending order. If the arrow is pointing down, the report is sorted in descending order.


There are four reports available for both default and custom gradebooks from the Select a Report drop-down list:



To access a student’s Portfolio, click a student’s name. The Portfolio Filter will display so that you can select exercises to review in that student's Portfolio.


To edit the grading parameters for the class, click Edit Grading Parameters. Note that the grading parameters screen will differ depending on whether you are using the default gradebook or a custom gradebook.

To select all students, click the Select All link. When Select All is clicked, the boxes next to student names will be checked. To remove the checks, click Deselect All.


The following buttons appear under the report:


Click the breadcrumb links at the top of the page to return to the Gradebook, or select another report from the Select a Report drop-down list.